The tar file from the downloads site contains all of the dependencies. The versions available are:

  • master - The latest commit, unstable



  1. Create your database and credentials
  2. Go to your site

Once you go to your site, you'll see a page like this, click to proceed to the installer.

  1. After clicking next, you'll see the requirements check page. The installer will only let you proceeed if all of the requirements are met.

  1. The next page brings you to the database setup page. Enter your database credentials. You can test to make sure they're working by clicking the "Test Database Credentials" button.

After clicking "Setup Database", you'll see the installation screen. Hit next to proceed:

  1. You'll be brought to the initial setup screen. Create your first airline here, along with your user and password. This will be automatically made as an admin user. A note about analytics: it will be a huge help to be able to measure and know how some features are performing, and it won't slow your site down. The stats won't reveal anything about you, it's just all numbers. Much appreciated for leaving it enabled!

  1. After setting that up, you'll see the completion screen, where you can click next and proceed to login. You'll see your dashboard after logging in, and the installation is complete!