Alpha 3

!! Please do a complete reinstall, with a new database

  • Finances! The finance portions have been implemented, you can read about them here
  • Awards! Added the award plugin system. see docs
  • Import/Export in admin panel for aircraft, airports, expenses, fares, flights and subfleets
  • Changed theme system to using laravel-theme, there are changes to making theming much simpler with much more flexibility.
  • Added cron task for background tasks
  • Expanded on flight types to match IATA SIMM format
  • Added subfleet cost_block_hour
  • Fixed several security vulnerabilities (thanks magicflyer!)
  • Fuel units changed to lbs/kgs #193
  • Airports can be restricted to only hubs on registration/user profile
  • Cleaned up a lot unused icons and files #195
  • Rank restrictions for PIREPs are respected #170
  • API: Added the ability to get/update/delete user bids #172
  • API: Added block_time parameter for PIREP prefile/update/file calls
  • API: Added block_on_time and block_off_time for PIREP prefile/update/file calls
  • Artisan: Added a phpvms:csv-import [table] [file] to import from CSV
  • Artisan: Added a phpvms:yaml-export [tables] to export tables to YAML files which can be re-imported using phpvms:yaml-import
  • Numerous bug fixes

Alpha 2 (2018-02-23, v7.0.0-alpha2)

!! Please do a full reinstall, with recreating the database

  • Bump minimum PHP version to 7.1, since 7.0 is already deprecated - #166
  • Upgraded to Laravel 5.6
  • Installer: Updated to create config.php file, to override config file values without having to modify the config files themselves
  • Installer: Moved most options into the config.php, out of the env.php file
  • Admin: Set the country for the airline #191
  • Admin: Add ranks from the subfleet edit page
  • Admin: Added flight time field to flight add/edit page
  • Admin: PIREP hours can't be changed after it's no longer in a pending state
  • Admin: Removed the tail number field
  • DB: to airport.timezone
  • DB: Removed aircaft.tail_number
  • DB: Decimal type field sizes shrunk to the default sizes
  • DB: Removed the raw_data field from the PIREPs table
  • API: All units expected in imperial (distance in nautical miles, fuel in lbs, mass in lbs)
  • API: Added ability to add/remove bids for users
  • API: Added a setting to only show aircraft that are at the departure airport of a flight #171
  • API: Most calls, with exception of ACARS, are now private and require an API key to access #173
  • API: Create an /api/flight/:id/route call to return the route information for a flight #183
  • API: Allow a fields object to set custom PIREP fields, also returns the current values
  • API: level not required in prefile anymore
  • Setting: Restrict to aircraft that are at a flight's departure airport #171
  • Setting: Implementation of filtering flights that are only at the user's current airport #174
  • Templates: Add a SKIN_NAME template variable to reference the current skin, vs hardcoding the skin name in the templates
  • Console: Added php artisan phpvms:dev-install command which creates the config files and creates the database/inserts sample data in one command #176
  • Rank aircraft restrictions are properly working now #170


  • PIREP fields being set when filing manually is working
  • ACARS data wasn't being ordered properly, causing issues on the map 77055991
  • Field for the rank's image changed to string input b5dbde8
  • Set a default value for a setting #106
  • Admin: Rank image field fixed
  • API: Only active airlines are returned
  • API; Return errors if user isn't allowed on the submitted aircraft #170
  • API: Fixed typo from subfleet to subfleets in the /api/flights call(s) f6b2102
  • API: Wrapped all calls in a data field
  • API: planned_distance and planned_flight_time fields are now optional
  • Setting: Subfleets returned in the flight calls respect the pireps.restrict_aircraft_to_rank setting #170

Alpha 1 (2018-02-04, v7.0.0-alpha1)

  • Initial Release