Installation on cPanel

Download and Configure Files

Download/upload phpVMS into a phpvms folder in your home folder. It should look something like:


To make this work properly and be secure, we're going to change the public_html directory to point into the phpVMS public directory. Then you can upload files as usual, but phpVMS will be the primary entry point. When you create folder/files in the public_html directory, they'll actually get created into the phpvms/public folder.

SSH into your server, and run:

mv public_html public_html_backup
ln -s phpvms/public/ public_html

Method 2: Upload into public_html

This method isn't recommended because it can potentially expose your install if the .htaccess or something isn't correctly configured. Upload the files directly into the public_html folder, and make sure the .htaccess file is active (check with your webhost)

Database Setup

Log into your cPanel, and look for "MySQL Database Wizard":

Follow the wizard to generate a new database, user and password for the phpVMS Database

Continue the Setup

Continue/follow the instructions here