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Installation (Client)

ACARS Client#

After downloading the zip, just extract the client into a folder (e.g, on your desktop into a folder called ACARS). Then you can create a desktop shortcut from the acars.exe for easier access.

Simulator Configuration#

FSX/Prepar3d Configuration#

To use FSX/Prepar3d, you need to install:

After installing both, run MakeRwys. MakeRwys also needs to be re-run whenever there are scenery changes (if you want gates/runways to be updated).

X-Plane Configuration#

X-Plane uses a custom plugin. Open the X-Plane folder, and copy the AcarsConnect folder into your Resources\plugins folder.

MSFS Configuration#


Due to an MSFS limitation, sceneries purchased through the MSFS store can't be read because they're encrypted. Only sceneries purchased outside of the store and manually placed in the Community directory can be read

To use MSFS, select "Microsoft Flight Simulator" from the simulator list and click 'Rescan Scenery'.

Permission Denied Errors#

If you're getting a permission denied error, see this thread

Client Config#

Get the URL and API Key#

You can either enter your URL and API key manually, or download the settings config file from your phpVMS profile. To download the config file, visit your VA and go to your profile:

And place it a folder called My Documents/phpVMS:

Client Settings#

After downloading the latest ACARS version, on startup, you'll be brought to the configuration/settings page:

Sim Selection#

After entering your URL and API key, select the simulator, and then select the path to the simulator (for Prepar3d or X-Plane)


FSX/Prepar3d requires the MakeRwys.exe file, which can be downloaded from the FSUIPC Page. It needs to be placed in the same directory as FSX/Prepar3d, and it will create the required files needed to scan.

After selecting the directory, click Re-Scan Scenery. This will load the scenery database into ACARS for it to run/load later

Hardware Configuration#

If you're using hardware to control the sim, ACARS heavily relies on several offsets with FSUIPC, particularly the parking brake. Ensure that the offset 0x0BC8 gets set