The ACARS application is designed to run with phpVMS 7 to automatically report your pilot reports from the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3d, FSX and X-Plane.



ACARS is currently in a "beta" state and still undergoing testing and may have some bugs. While it and phpVMS 7 are in beta, it's available at a discount

ACARS is available for purchase on vmshost.io


  • Support for:
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (SimConnect) (Note: still under testing)
    • X-Plane (ACARS plugin)
    • FSX/Prepar3d (FSUIPC)
  • Automatically create and file flights
  • Search flights and retrieve bids
  • Flights rules, like lights being enabled, gear up/down, etc
  • Light footprint, low CPU and memory usage


  • Custom rules via scripts
  • Customize design aspect (logos, banner)