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Flight Phases

Flight Phases#

ACARS defines multiple flight phases, and the transitions between them are detailed below. These rules are attemped to strike a balance between detecting the phases properly for both IFR and VFR flights.

1. Boarding#

  • You must be on the ground to be able to start a flight. The parking brake should also be on


  • The players starting position (gate, parking or runway) is attempted to be found. Otherwise, it's recorded as "Unknown"

2. Taxi Out#

  • Once the parking brakes are released -or-
  • The ground speed is above 0


  • The "Blocks Off" time is recorded
  • The "Taxi Out" timer is started

3. Takeoff#

  • If you're detected to be on a runway, and your ground speed is over 30
  • If you haven't been detected on a runway, your ground speed is over 80 (rolling)
  • You're no longer on the ground

4. Enroute#

  • You're 35' AGL or above (to attempt to catch the earlier point)
  • Gear are up (if they are retractable)

5. Approach#

  • If you're at the TOD
    • If a flight plan is loaded and has a "TOD" waypoint (SimBrief, MSFS), that will be used
    • Otherwise, the TOD is calculated using this method (TOD = (Plane Alt - Field Alt) / 3)
  • If you went above 10k' and are now below it

6. Final#

  • Below 3000' AGL
  • Gear are down (if they are retractable)
  • Flaps are down

7. Landing#

  • You're on the ground


  • The "End Flight" button shows up

8. Taxi In#

  • You're off of the runway and your ground speed is < 30


  • The "End Flight" button shows up

9. Arrived#

  • The "End Flight" button must be clicked to set the flight to arrived
  • Once "End Flight" is clicked, a button to file the PIREP will show


  • The "End Flight" button shows up
  • The parking/gate you're at will be attempted to be figured out