Definitions for field types/values used

These are derived from the IATA SSIM formats

Value Description
J Passenger - Scheduled
F Cargo - Scheduled
C Charter - Passenger Only
E Special VIP Flight (FAA/Government)
H Charter - Cargo/Mail
I Ambulance Flight
K Training Flight
M Mail Service
O Charter w/ Special Handling
P Positioning (Ferry/Delivery/Demo)
T Technical Test
W Military

These are all of the possible values for the PIREP status. They are all from the Aviation Information Data eXchange (AIDX) format.

Value to Use Description
INI Initiated
SCH Scheduled
BST Boarding
RDT Ready for start
OFB Departed
DIR Ready for de-icing
DIC De-icing in progress
GRT Ground return
TKO Enroute
DV Diverted
TEN Approach
FIN Final approach
LAN Landed
ONB Arrived