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Server Requirements

One of the first steps in the installer is to check your server for the proper requirements.

  • PHP 8.0+; extensions required (most of these are installed by default):
    • cURL
    • JSON
    • fileinfo
    • mbstring
    • openssl
    • pdo
    • tokenizer
    • bcmath
    • intl
  • Database:
    • MySQL 5.7+ (or MySQL variant, including MariaDB and Percona)
  • php-apc
  • Redis (for job queuing, various caching and optimizations)

Shared Hosting

While shared hosts are not ideal for numerous reasons (don't use free hosts, you'll have a really bad time), it's still possible to run phpVMS. Read the

VPS/Dedicated Hosts

If you have control over your server, the combination of nginx/php-fpm will offer you the best performance, over using Apache. It's the combination that I test with. It will also be much more secure, seeing that only the /public directory is exposed.

Pointing the vhost to the /public directory is the best way to run on a host that you control.