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Building Assets

The default CSS/Javascript is built and packaged using webpack. The main Javascript files used are compiled together into a single JS file, which is then minimized. While most settings are exposed, you might still want to customize them.

Source Layout

The "source" files for the assets are in one of two places:


  • resources/js - Has the JS files required for one of:
    • admin - JS files for the admin panel
    • frontend - JS files required for the frontend


The default skins use open-source free templates based on Bootstrap. The SASS files are located in either:

  • resources/sass/admin - The admin panel SASS files
  • resources/sass/now-ui - The frontend SASS files

These are then compiled into CSS files, which are placed into their own respective directories

Compiled Assets

The compiled assets are placed in 3 separate folders (by default):


Each of those folders have a js and css folder, and the respective assets are placed in those folders. After building those assets, the files are placed into there.


On an update, the files in public/assets/* will be overwritten, so be careful when updating to make sure those files aren't overwritten. You can do a diff against the original JS files in resources/js and then rebuild, to make sure your changes are included

Required Tools

nodejs and npm are required to build. Follow the instructions for your platform to install nodejs. After installing it, run the following in your phpVMS folder (the same directory as the package.json file). This installs webpack and the associated dependencies into node_modules.

npm install

Building both the CSS and Javascript use the same command.

Building CSS

For the frontend and backend, the CSS is built from SASS templates, which are based on bootstrap, with some pre-built templates.

The frontend template uses Bootstrap 4 built using now-ui; the SASS is located in resources/sass/now-ui.

The backend template is built using Bootstrap 3, with the template being based on paper-dashboard; the SASS files are located in resources/sass/admin.

To build the CSS, run the build command:

npm run production

Building JS

The Javascript files are divided into two types:

  • vendor.js - This contains all of the vendor files that are compiled and minimized together
  • app.js - These are the main Javascript files used by the frontend

To update the Javascript files (for example, if you update the livemap file, etc), you need to rebuild the JS files:

npm run production

Then reupload the files from public/assets.