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  1. Make a backup of your site! Skip this at your own peril. At a minimum, make a backup of the .env files. Also, make note of any changes you made to files in the /config folder - I recommend making a backup of this as well and checking to see if there are changes to any of those files which might need to be copied over.
  2. On your remote site (through your FTP client or SSH), delete the vendors folder
  3. On your remote site (through your FTP client or SSH), delete all of the files in bootstrap/cache and storage/framework/cache (delete the contents, NOT the folders)
  4. Upload all of the files (or upload latest build via your file manager and unpack), and overwrite everything.
  5. If you are using composer, then run composer install command via shell/terminal
  6. Visit the /update URL of your site (e,g to complete the update/installs
  7. Check the changelog for template changes so you can update your skin

Update Errors

If you run into an error similar to this, delete your vendor folder and re-upload it

Argument 1 passed to Carbon\CarbonInterval::setLocalTranslator() must implement interface 
Symfony\Component\Translation\TranslatorInterface, instance of Carbon\Translator given