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phpVMS can send event notifications to different places. Currently, Discord is supported. Some of the events that are supported:

  • PIREP prefile notifications
  • PIREP state changes (boarding, taxi, landed, etc)
  • PIREP filed
  • News added

You can also setup a private webhook, going to another channel, which might have more restricted permissions:

  • User Registrations


phpVMS can send notifications to a Discord channel. To configure this, you need to create a webhook. See the documentation for webhooks from Discord. This requires a webhook for the notification of public events, and an optional for private events (user registrations)

1. Create a Webhook(s)

To create a webhook, edit the channel you want the webhook to go into (you can move the webhook to another channel later)

Then select integrations, and then "View Webhooks", then select integrations

Then click "Add Webhook", and fill in the information

Copy the webhook, URL, you'll need this for the admin panel

2. Add the webhook(s) into settings

Next, go to your admin panel and add the webhook into the settings: